Two boysThank you for taking the time to visit this website and find out more about becoming a Board Member at Calico Group.

Our Board Members play an important role in setting the strategic direction for our organisation, as well as ensuring the highest standards of governance and probity underpin our work. My leadership team works closely with our Board Members to continually review our strategic direction, considering new opportunities and approaches that will support our purpose of making a difference to people’s lives. But our Board also holds us to account – asking the right questions around performance and delivery, to ensure we are meeting their expectations and those of our customers. They make a valuable contribution to our organisation, and it’s a really rewarding role.

Our new Board Members will focus on the health, care and support area of our work – currently delivered by a range of different companies; Calico Enterprise, Acorn Recovery Projects, Delphi Medical, SafeNet Domestic Abuse Services. This covers a diverse grouping of services that make a real difference to people’s lives and wellbeing, including our innovative work around skills, training and apprenticeships. We have taken the decision to create a new organisation within the Group that brings together a number of existing parts of the business to enable a more cohesive and consolidated approach to this sector. We have been very successful in terms of business growth within health, care and support and it’s the right time for us to review how we do things. We want to build on success to date and create a more clearly defined, end-to-end approach that will support better outcomes for customers, and present a more clearly defined offering to those commissioning services in this sector. These roles represent an opportunity to shape this new initiative, and bring your personal influence to bear on how we deliver services in the future.

If you do become part of the Calico Group you’ll discover an organisation that is committed to living our values. We want to deliver results that make a real difference. And we do this by working well together, supporting staff as they adapt to change, and encouraging continual learning and development as an intrinsic part of our organisational culture.

I hope you find the information presented on this website both persuasive and useful in making your application. If you would like the opportunity to have an informal discussion about these opportunities, then I encourage you to contact Sarah Hanson, Executive Director, on 01282 686336 or 07983 523574.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Anthony Duerden, Chief Executive



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